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~  National Library Board of Singapore, 2013 ILFA Summit of the Book Conference publication, Journey into Asian Children's Book Literature,  publishing cover art from A Tale of Two Rice Birds.

~  Recommended Book Anti-Defamation League for Anti-Bias Multicultural Children’s Book for A Tale of Two Rice Birds published by Sasquatch Books.​

 ~  CBC/ABA American Book Sellers Pick of the List, "Children's Books Mean Business" award for A Tale of Two Rice Birds  published by Sasquatch Books.

~ New Yorker Magazine Year-End Children’s Book Review (active since 1911) for A Tale of Two Rice Birds.​

~ Washington State Arts Commission Artist Residency Grant $2000

~ Seattle Arts Commission Artist Residency Grant $10,000

"In the tradition of great devotional artists, whose work and whose spiritual path are unified in their art, Christine Lamb makes beautiful Icons to beautify our homes and personal spiritual space..."​

Anne de Vore, Ph.d

"An exceptionally prescient and well-wrought retelling of a Thai Folktale...'the beauty of the story is matched by Lamb's panoply of Eastern-inspired illustrations that transform into Thai-like murals. Intricate, pleasing borders and rich colors align with the text to make this book a glorious introduction not only to a timeless tale but also to the artistic and cultural sensibilities of a foreign land."

Publisher's  Weekly

"Vivid Thai-art-inspired illustrations by Christine's story works well because of it's elegant intrinsic structure and emotions. It's suspenseful and makes a post-modernest point about the power of storytelling..."

New Yorker

"With the brilliance of illuminated manuscripts Christine Lamb's gouache, gold leaf and sumi-ink works on paper recall the magical spirit inherent in Eastern and Western traditions..."

Artopia, Manhattan Arts

"This nicely told tale of enduring love is accompanied by vibrant, luminous, stylized illustrations, based on the mural art that decorates the walls of Thai temples and palaces. Bordering at the top is a band of lotus blossoms and rice birds. A pleasant addition to multi-cultural collections."​

School Library Journal

"The delicate gold leaf and gouache rendering of Christine Lamb's Path to Consciousness reflects a more sober canine metaphor with a sense of rarefied preciousness and clarity suggesting the focused thought of a mantra or a Zen Koan."​

Port Angeles Art Center

"...sumptuous illustrations based on Thai mural art. Lamb's intricate paintings, a kaleidoscope of colors and gold leaf, are worthy of a palace wall. Evoking such familiar Thai imagery as rice fields and lotus blossoms, her pictures support a decidedly non-western narrative, embracing Buddhist basics such as karma and reincarnation...the jewel-like paintings help lift the tale into the realm of myth: As it transcends it's literal frame, the narrative pays tribute to a culture's belief in life unbound by death, and in the death-defying power of love."

New Age Journal

"This picture book tale of reincarnation and love across lifetimes is illustrated in foil-accented paintings based on Thai mural art. The artwork is beautifully detailed and richly colored, providing a stage like backdrop for the unfolding of the complex plot. With high production values and a beautifully written text, the book is nothing short of gorgeous and would be a thought provoking story to use with junior-high and even high-school groups."


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