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C.G. Jung​ —​

continuing education art classes

Creativity and creative thinking belong to all of us. I enjoy teaching painting and drawing to people of all ages and backgrounds to empower people to be creative at home. The following is a selection of  continuing education programs I  developed curriculum and taught art:  Centralia College Continuing Education, EastWest Bookshop, Bellevue Parks & Recreation, North Seattle Community College Continuing Education.​

sacred art icon program

Iconography is a beautiful, visual, spiritual meditation and teaching tradition that has remained constant for 15 centuries. I developed the Sacred Art Icon program after studying iconography from Russian Master teachers in the Russian, Byzantine and Yaroslavl icon styles. This one day art workshop program is currently taught to middle school students in Seattle Catholic Schools and has been taught to people of all ages.

​"Christine Lamb is such a natural teacher of art. She has participated in our Young Authors Convention (at Sacred Heart School) many times over the past 16 years, and has given the students wonderful instruction and insight, wrapped up in exciting delivery and thoughtful instruction. Her delivery and interaction with the children is so dynamic, and she was able to bring her talents to children from kindergarten on up to 8th grade. The students and staff have absolutely loved her.​

One of Christine's greatest attributes in student instruction is her wide and varied skills and experiences. Aside from her incredibly successful career in fine art, she has also illustrated children's books, designed toys and toy packaging, and developed icons. She was able to bring these experiences into the classroom by showing kids how to create art from text, design toys for fast food promotional campaigns or create icons using gold leaf, as well as other techniques and lessons. This diversity brought great enrichment to the students. We'll call on her again and again to bring such depth in art into our classrooms."

Rosemarie Engman
Masters in Curriculum & Instruction
Adjunct Faculty, Seattle University
Young Authors Convention Chair,
Sacred Heart School, Bellevue

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